7in7 – Day 5: Lost At Sea

My song for Day 5 is a little on the dark side. The song is based off of a booked called Unbroken, which is a true story of a WWII hero who crashed at sea and went through hell on earth. I wanted to try to capture the first part of the story after the plane crashes and they are lost at sea. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it! Okay, so here’s the song. I hope it’s not too depressing!

All I remember was a crash
Then everything faded to black
When I awoke I couldn’t breathe
For I was buried… deep in the sea

When I surfaced I gasped for air
And began to criy out in despair
The waves around me roared and crashed
My only refuge… a life raft


The sun it burned just like a fire
and nothing could quench hunger’s desire
With endless ocean all around
There was no sight….of solid ground

The smell of death was in the air
As sharks surrounded me to ensnare
I tried to repel those vicious beasts
As they prepared…. for a feast


There was nothing left to do but wait
And contemplate all my mistakes
So I raised my fist and cursed the sky
What would be worse … to live or die

When my hope was all but gone
I heard a sound on the horizon
So I scanned the sky as it drew near
Could salvation … finally be here



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